2014 Hardtack Making

2014%20hardtack1 original

Volunteers Getting Ready

C.L.A.S.S. members along with many volunteers of the church family gathered two nights to make (and of course taste) ten different kinds of hardtack.  Some of the volunteers the first evening were Dave, Tyler, Jim, Susan, Butch and Doris.  They were standing around the table getting ready for the first batch.

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More Volunteers

Sherri, Madison, Jack and Chris were helping to get things ready in the kitchen.

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Getting Ready

The hot syrup was poured into cooled cookie sheets to start to get hard.  Left to right: Jim, Karen, Butch and Madison are checking out the batch to see if it's ready to be cut.

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Finished Product

The finished product has been completed and is for sale in the narthex.  All proceeds from the sale of the candy will be given to the roof fund.  Thanks to everyone who helped make the candy and who bought it too!